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Long-time DJ-turned-into-producer Chris Roxstar strikes a new record deal with Dutch record label and management company “Falldam Recordings”. His recent music released on “Trinity Las Vegas” and “Collective Records” turned heads internationally. The track titled “Big Gunns Anthem” feat. “MC I SEE” reached #2 in EDM Charts in the Netherlands.


Roxstar says: “Big Gunns Anthem I solely produced, it only took 5 hours to pre-produce. I heard MC I SEE’s vocals through Diego Levatto and I knew exactly what I wanted to make…” It’s definitely not the first time an artist is inspired by a vocalist, it aids the production cycle and speeds up most artists. Chris’ next track titled “Pulse” saw the light of day on “Trinity Las Vegas” label and has landed Chris with stronger connections and artist collaboration requests from across the globe. The name “Pulse” was inspired by the ever-beating “heart of EDM”, especially in today’s U.S. market, living in Las Vegas. “I produce all my music with the same energy I put out on the stage. I include my music in all of my sets, especially the unreleased stuff…” -CR

“Chris Roxstar is one of the busiest artists I know” – says manager Victor Savelle – “he is dropping tracks so fast we are thinking of aliases.” Chris’ next four releases are already in the mastering stages. Coming soon to Falldam Recordings: “Pacha Warriors”, “Elektrik City”, “F.U.N.K.y. Junky” (already featured on an EDM Nightlife Interview with Roni Taylor) and “Amor Heroicis” ft. “Decerno” all deliver Roxstar’s style on a different level. From tech-house flavors to main room bangers, these releases should please any EDM fan. His involvement with his fans is no secret. One of the newest releases coming to “Trinity Las Vegas” was named by a fan of Chris Roxstar, decided by popular voting on social media. The winner gets his name on the album cover; the track was titled “Delta”.

The neon-green “CR” symbol is anticipated to be known around the world, sooner than later. Keep a lookout for Chris Roxstar, rocking a stage near you this coming fall on his national tour.