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Luca Draccar


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There is a natural and innate charisma in the magical works by German-based producer Luca Draccar which has been unlocked and discovered as a cabinet of genuine brilliancy. This exceptional savvy with Italian roots has been reimagining electronic music like no other artist. His musical style includes groove-oriented, synth, and bass-heavy electronic dance music with his production catalog teeming with a variety of techno house, deep house, future house, vibrant EDM tracks that have endeared him to a massive global following.

After turning the industry on its head with the 3-track EP, “Sugar”, Luca is back with a new 4-track EP dubbed, “Supreme Emptiness”- melodically impassioned and sonically inviting. The stupendous production is alluring, emotive, and complex as its instrumentation offers fans and listeners a project woven together by a rich tapestry of sounds and textures. Each passing track is stunningly different from the last whilst still managing to remain seamless and coherent as an overall body of art!

“Change Yourself” is a stunner and the capstone of the melody is captured in the catchy and repeated vocal drops of, “Change yourself”- this is a deep house masterclass featuring a luxurious amount of synth strong and heavy beats to take a listener to the center of the dancing stage.

“Mind and Soul” groove its way unrestrainedly to a listener’s mind and soul with the deep-phased bass embellished beats right from the intro shaking the internal bodily organs, the distant vocal drops echo in the background fly over the instrument with enough sensation to keep a listener captivated.

“Move on” will easily flourish in any setting- may it be a night spot or company gathering. Exhibiting enthralling beats with an undeniable groove and variation, it is poised to capture the listening senses that will prompt the audience to move their body!

“Let it slide let it bleed” is a cosmic exploration of the modern techno house. It features the elegance of abundance with the luxurious instrumentation mixed with the vibrancy of the cinematic vocal drops that haunt in the background like a thief in the night! This is the perfect soundtrack for a disco night.

Draccar has done it again and proven himself more than a capable artist and “Supreme Emptiness” is a shimmering statement of his growth, versatility, and development- both as an artist and human being! Follow the attached link and let this EP magnify your playlist!