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DJ InterviewsHi Jochen, first off:  thanks for joining with this interview!

Jochen, you have been DJing for quite a while and enjoying success with massive productions like ‘Lost Connection’, ‘Humanoid’, the Energy2011 anthem ‘Classified’ and recently the Rank-1 and Sarah Bettens collab Wild and Perfect Day. If you had to pick one of your productions as your most favorite one. Which one would that be? And is there a thought behind it for it to be your favorite?

Tough question, same as asking a parent which of his children he loves most;-)) But if I had to pick only one, I guess that would be Lost Connection, because that track really rocketeered my carreer.

You are known to blend styles together ranging from trance to electro and progressive. How do you like the fact that Djs are able to broaden their sound and who would you consider the pioneers besides yourself?

That is definitely a great development. I don’t like to label myself as merely a trance-, techno-, or house-DJ, and I don’t like be labeled that by others. The music I play and make is full of energy, for me that’s the most important thing, not what we name it. DJ’s such as Sander van Doorn and Marco V. have also been mixing up different styles for as long as I can remember, and they’re both great in doing so!

You have played at literally countless mega events. We all know what happens on stage. But can you give us some insight to what happens back stage?

Backstage I’m always the guy with the 200watt-smile, if I’ve played a mega event and the crowd went crazy I always need a minute to grasp what the **** just happened. It is still such an amazing feeling to be able to play in front of so many people, to do what I love most…. And of course we have people running around backstage stressing about lights, db’s and DJ’s sticking to the schedule, haha…

Jochen Miller Hammarica PRYou have a very good relationship with Be Yourself Music which has released most of your productions. Could you tell us how that relationship started?

When I just started making my own music, about twelve, thirteen years ago, I scheduled an appointment with Dick de Groot, who was then the A&R manager of the Dutch ID&T-label. Though he didn’t release my first couple of productions (at that time I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t, now I do;-))) he and I kept in touch, and when he started his company Be Yourself Music a couple of years later he signed me as an artist. Since we go way back and we click really well, Be Yourself Music is also responsible for my management, so yes, there’s a very good relationship.


You have done a lot of co-productions with Rank 1. These are all big room bangers. How do you like working with the guys who are responsible for one of the greatest trance anthems of all time, Airwave?

It’s always fun to do a co-production with Rank 1! And glad you liked the tracks, big room bangers, thank you!

You started as a resident DJ in Holland for local clubs. How did you experience the transition from a national celebrity to an international touring DJ?

It’s amazing, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes exhausting, haha. Touring the world with your music is every DJ’s dream I guess, and to have that dream come true is fabulous. I love to see that no matter what country or culture, if you put on the right track everyone will go out of their minds. The downside, if there is one, is being away from my friends and family more often, but I do bring entertaining stories, pictures and movies home with me.

Technology moves very fast in DJ land. If you could think of something that’s not on the market today, but in your vision would be really rad.. What would that be?

The iPhone anti-jet-lag app for DJ’s?

When you visit far and foreign countries to play, do you take time to explore the country since you are there anyway? Any fond memories beyond DJing?

I wish I had more time to do so, but when I’m on the road it’s usually plane, hotel, club, hotel, plane. I do love to try any food that’s local when I’m touring, and sometimes get the chance to take a little tour around the city before I leave. And when I’m in the US I usually stay a bit longer, cannot get enough of the entire continent!!

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Other then “don’t forget to put me in your DJ-mag top 5- list?” I would like to thank you guys for appreciating my music, hope to see you soon!

Thanks again Jochen for taking the time for this interview!

The pleasure was mine, thanks for having me!