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Recently they mixed Volume Three of Enhanced Sessions. They’re not only stars of Enhanced, but firmly established as leading lights of the trance genre, dominating the charts with their productions and touring the globe at the world’s finest events. Give a hand to DANIEL KANDI & ESTIVA! 


Which style of music were you into before trance captured you?

Steven: When I was younger I listened a lot to pop music and happy hardcore!

Daniel: 80’s pop and eurodance and eurotrance, a bit of happy hardcore lol!

Dance Music NewsWhat can people expect from the new mix album you guys recently released on Enhanced?

Steven: A lot of different approaches to trance! Melodies is the keyword in this mix!

Daniel: A plethora of the best in trance, trouse and progressive! Simple!

Daniel, name the strongest talent of Estiva

Daniel: His neverending smile on his face! and his groovy beats!

Estiva, name the strongest talent of Daniel

Steven: His dedication to the music he loves so much. It’s heartwarming!

What is your DJ Dubstep name on

Steven: DJ Faderlove Loop Bass Wobbler! Hilarious! I hope it’s still available.

Do we owe it all to Armin, or do we owe it to the Trancefamily?

Steven: We don’t owe anything to anyone. It’s just the love for music that’s so strong! Obviously the fans, Armin and other artists are extremely important to make a genre like trance big.

Daniel: We owe it to everyone who listens!

DJ PromotionWould something like Brotrance (the trance varient of Brostep) be something we can expect in the future of trance?

Steven: I’ve never heard of this title but it sound pretty funny. I think anything is possible. Nowadays. A lot of producers are experimenting and sometimes with awesome results! We can expect anything nowadays.

Daniel: I hope not !

Your biggest success?

Steven: Being able to spread the music I like worldwide and meeting people with the same passion.

Daniel: Being able to live from DJ’ing!

Ferry Corsten has recently remixed Justin Bieber and Afrojack put his hands on Gangnam style. Would you do the same?

Steven: Absolutely. I may seem strange to say this but for a producer it’s so much fun to take something completely different and turn it into something that suits your sound!

Daniel: Not likely. Unless the money was really good and I could do it under another name! haha!

Dance Music MagazineYour plans for 2013?

Steven: Touring, meeting great people and create a lot of beautiful music.

Daniel: Touring touring touring! Making music, and finding the love of my life!

Most awesome moment from 2012 while touring?

Steven: Realising what I’m actually doing.

Daniel: Octagon, Seoul! Insane place! Tokyo and Ruby Skye San Fran! Lots of nice moments!