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Promoted Post BannerMario Più and Sygma have decided to give a classic song a fresh makeover. With two highly successful projects of this nature under their belt in recent years, it was a logical choice to try again and wait for the audience’s reaction. Their previous rework of “Serendipity” made it onto the Beatport top 10 charts last year. As a result, they have now chosen to work their magic on Mario’s most renowned single, “Communication” (also known as “Somebody Answer The Phone“).

It can be challenging to incorporate the original synths into the modern tech-house arrangement while keeping the essence of the classic track. However, Mario and Sergio have a knack for transforming a track into a hypnotic masterpiece with effortless ease. The energy is now even more catchy and invites you to dance the night away. You don’t have to be familiar with the original track to appreciate this rework, as it will take you on a thrilling rhythmic adventure.

The beauty of music production is all about breaking boundaries, with modern music constantly pushing beyond limits. The reworked version of an ageless anthem is the perfect example of this, destined to be a hit in the making. Driving basslines and pulsating beats are designed to take control of your body and mind. The newly updated version of “Communication” is now available for you to explore it on all major streaming platforms by Black Hole Recordings:


  1. Mario Più & Sygma – Communication [Somebody Answer The Phone] (Club Mix)
  2. Mario Più & Sygma – Communication [Somebody Answer The Phone] (Extended Club Mix)

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