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Neo Noir Plaisir is the title of Luca Draccar’s latest effort. The project consists of three exotic dance tracks that incorporates a host of diverse ideas into its musical structure. The Berlin-based producer with Italian roots continues to find new ways of reinventing his sound as Neo Noir Plaisir is a beautiful expression of Luca Draccar’s creative expertise.

The opening selection Margot sparks our intrigue with its sultry bassline that is certainly an instrumental conversation piece of its own. The listener is guided by streams of percussion into a virtual world that contains a melodic oasis. It’s all about desire with Margot. Mouse In Trap follows. The tune’s broad rhythm testifies to Luca Draccar’s range as a composer and versatility.

Luca Draccar seals the clever Neo Noir Plaisir with The Black White Palm. The track’s dramatic soundscape is inspiring and adds depth to the EP. Neo Noir Plaisir is an exception collection of tracks by Luca Draccar that stand as a masterpiece according to the strength of the EP’s own merit.


Neo Noir Plaisir

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