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Atheist megaphone EDM NEWS


“If god is a DJ, why are there so many shitty ones?”

Yesterday at one of New York’s biggest EDM festivals, an unexpected MOB OF ATHEISTS with megaphones showed up.

After working the campgrounds in t-shirts that said “Sinners are Winners” and shouting “Why didn’t Noah swat those mosquitos?!” they proceeded to the hardhouse stage where The Prophet was performing. The atheists then shouted as loudly as they could “Atheism is a non-Prophet organization.”

Soon after they were spotted at the mainstage where FAITHLESS had a performance. Initially, the mob of atheists seemed to enjoy the show. That was until Maxi Jazz performed “God is a DJ.”

Soon they started heckling him and shouting through their megaphones:

“If god is a DJ, why are there so many shitty ones?”

“The bible is libel!”

“Find Molly, not God!”

“Shitty DJs get millions on Earth; and good ones get pennies from heaven??!!”

After this, it didn’t take long for security to remove the atheists from the premises. Definitely a hell of a lot shorter than the 40 years Moses spent in the desert..

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This is a breaking news story. More updates as they come in.

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