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Steve Aoki EDM Pie Chart




Friday, KL&M and partners, the global leader in financial data research, released its updated EDM Success Pie Chart reflecting the most successful EDM artists in the USA.

That same day, STEVE AOKI was seen at local bakery Aunt Vandervoort Cakes & Dessert reading the news paper and breaking out in tears. As it appears, he read the news he was snubbed from the trusted EDM Pie Chart after making the pie for the last 6  years.

It hit him plain in the face.

As the one EDM artist that clearly has enjoyed the most success with pie, this was a major disappointment.

Aoki then realised you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Long time Aoki fan MARK BISMONT who happened to be at the bakery when the scene unfolded explains: “I try to go to every Aoki concert and every time he puts on a stellar show. I can’t count how many times I got caked, but the mix he uses is very good. It’s all pre-made of course and he only orders from this specific bakery.

On the bright side, Mary Vandervoort, founder of the bakery, awarded Aoki for being their biggest customer. The amount of money he throws on cake is just incredible”

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