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Hardwell stands on CDJS




TOTAL SHOCK went through the entire industry today as DJ MAG announced it will disqualify any DJ who has stood on CDJS last year in regards to their yearly Top 100 DJs Poll.

The practice of standing on the CDJS has become a popular thing among EDM DJs, and as such, the new line of tour ready CDJs were designed to carry the weight of Carnage and multiple DJ groupies at the same time.

Yet many fans and artists alike feel the practice is disrespectful and should not continue.

Tim Keiser, a Hardwell fan explained: “I love Hardwell and follow him around the world, but he really should respect the gear a bit more. I am hardly able to afford a run down Numark for $50 so to see him treat gear like that almost brings me to tears. I hope he quits the practice and just returns to the core which is the music. However, I am afraid he will be disqualified from the poll this yer which means we may have to endure another year of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.”

Other professionals from the scene see this as an opportunity to once again get some more underground music into the poll.

This is a breaking news story. More updates as they come in.

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