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In a spectacular move to fight ongoing noise complaints, Virginia EDM promoter David Vanderwyk had decided to cancel the music from his BassMachine New Year’s Eve event. And yes, this meant that the rest of the show was still on!

Vanderwyk: “I really grew tired of all the complaints and people who don’t want other people to have a little bit of fun now and then. It was a difficult decision, but let’s be honest here: People, do they really go to the raves just for the music alone? I don’t think so. 80% of the experience is sex, rides, molly, drinking, light show. So that’s why I decided to do this. And yes, none of the DJs were cancelled. They performed their sets without really playing music. I mean, they just twisted some knobs on the mixer and shit like that and pretended to be playing. Now I think about it, that’s actually almost the same as if we still had sound at the event. There was a theme track to promote the event called ‘A Moment Of Silence.’ This specially produced anthem is merely 5 minutes of silence. Silence mixed with a touch of white noise. I hope it will reach the Beatport Top 10 -Would be awesome! This event went very well. it’s something ground breaking so I will definitely do more of these.”

UPDATE: We now have video footage of the show featuring AFROJACK


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