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Promoted Post BannerAfter an immense year that often saw AVAION at the centre of the party, it was the moments of quiet and solitude that inspired the multi-faceted producer’s first musical offering of 2024, ‘Call my name.’ Out now on Sony Music. 

Written in the remote snowy caps of the Austrian mountains
, the serene surroundings have evidently left an impact on AVAION’s delicate approach to ‘Call my name’ with minimalism becoming the focal point of the track’s ambient progression. Careful thought has gone into each hand-picked chord that forms the impressionable melody and remains a constant from start until finish. Building out the layers, AVAION masterfully utilises only what is necessary so that no single element of the composition goes unheard. 

Never one to mask his emotions, AVAION’s internal dialogue is laid bare on ‘Call my name’ as he vocalises the angst of feeling weak and vulnerable to another being. Yet, true to his craftsmanship, a soundscape that could be perceived melancholic on paper, is uplifted with a steady drum kick that drives a forward-moving motion and a calming sense of hope.  

With each year comes ever-growing momentum behind the AVAION name and 2024 is set to raise expectations once again. Just a few short weeks before the release of ‘Call my name,’ AVAION unveiled his debut solo tour ‘For the Vibes’ which will commence in May. Travelling to clubs across major European cities including, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam and more, and reaching even more fans who have continuously supported AVAION on this incredible journey so far. 

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‘Call my name’ is the new single from AVAION out now on Sony Music.

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