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‘Binary For You’ is the completely unique debut album from Cyclic Redundancy Check. Written from the perspective of a computer, all the songs are performed in the computer’s voice, making this album something that is truly different to anything you will have heard before.

The sound of the album is raw in the good sense of the word. Strong synths on even more solid beats. Nice saturations, effects and vocoder voices pull in the listener.

You can clearly hear his love for classic drum machines and synths and the result is a sonic trip that’s both suitable for the dancefloor as well as at home.

We recommend it!

Cyclic Redundancy Check is the latest musical project from Canadian music producer David Sorokan. For this project, David takes inspiration from 8-bit computing, as well as more modern technology, to write songs from the perspective of these devices. Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, he began writing music at the age of 15. Back then, his setup was limited to: a Roland JX-3P and a TR-505. For his current projects Sorokan still uses all hardware synths and samplers, building his sound around the equipment. David also releases downtempo music under the name FC58.

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