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Promoted Post BannerOrjan Nilsen has recently achieved an adorable milestone in his career, by reaching his 200th release on his esteemed label, In My Opinion. What began as a debut studio album in January 2011 has blossomed into the launch of a successful record label and an engaging podcast. Every two weeks, Orjan showcases fresh music exclusively from his label, providing a platform for emerging artists and fostering remarkable productions. Over the course of three years, this endeavor has led to the discovery of numerous exceptional talents and the realization of an abundance of awe-inspiring music.

And what better way to celebrate the 200th release than by collaborating with one of the most promising vocalists? She has hypnotized her audience over 47 million times with her mesmerizing soundscapes, distinctive voice, powerful choruses, and futuristic visuals and fashion. Adara is widely renowned in EDM and trance world, earning the support and recognition of esteemed figures including Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, and Aly & Fila.

Experience the alluring sensation of “Touching You,” a seductive track enveloped in a melodic techno vibe. Combining Orjan Nilsen’s techy twist with Adara’s catchy vocals, this sonic journey is transporting listeners to another realm. Electronic music enthusiasts will be swept away by the richness of the organic lead, the impactful drop, and the deep, earth-shaking rolling bassline. Don’t miss out on this essential addition to your summer playlist. “Touching You” is now available for streaming on all major platforms:

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the upcoming remixes by talented IMO artists like Rodrigo Deem, DeathNov, Tasadi, and more, set to be released in the following weeks.


01. Orjan Nilsen & Adara – Touching You (Original Mix)

02. Orjan Nilsen & Adara – Touching You (Extended Mix)

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