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Mark Sherry, Alex Di Stefano _ Renegade System - Outburst presents Prism Volume 4


Promoted Post BannerIt’s crept up on three years since we last received a mix-comp transmission from Planet Outburst and the science of hard has been left just a touch wanting ever since. However, as April beckons, that drought breaks, and Mark Sherry pours three new mixes through the ‘Prism’.

For ‘Vol.4’s, well, DJ-wise it’s a case of the established, the new … and the returning. The Outburst boss has brought Ireland’s Renegade System in to helm one of its discs, while after Vol.1, arch techno-logist Alex Di Stefano is back, making a second guest-mixing appearance in the series. Collectively the trio bring a mass of toughened sonics to its fore, with the release pushing upwards of seventy tracks over its near-four-hour runtime.

In and amongst all that highly charged wealth, well … it might just be a case of ‘you name it … they’ve got it!’ Specifically though, you’re going to be hearing cuts and remixes from the likes of Sneijder & Bryan Kearney, Will Atkinson, The Space Brothers, Jordan Suckley & Kutski, Marco V, Scot Project, David Forbes, Yves Deruyter, Thomas Schumacher, Shugz, Lab 4 and dozens upon dozens of others! Needless to say, there’s also an indecent amount of new material from the three helmers, with exclusives, premieres and first-listens in abundance.

Kaleidoscopic, psychotropic … and a never less than kinetic, Outbursters Mark, Alex and Renegade System take you back through the Prism on March 31 [ ].

For his disc, Mark mixes together an incredible 24 tracks. What’s more astonishing still is he’s had a production hand in 15 of them! Following his boosted remix of The Space Brothers 2003 classic ‘Doors’, come Mark’s recent collaborations with Sygma, Steve Dekay and Alex Di Stefano. Sherry then jumps the tracks to new remix fare, as ‘Triquetra’ and ‘Total Eclipse’ get themselves reworked by Peetu S and Freak Unique. Mark’s revision of Marco V’s GODD isn’t far behind, as is Gentech (Sherry & Scot Project), who deliver some ‘Tricky Tricky’ business. Sherry also reteams with David Forbes for ‘Galvanizers’ and the mix reaches boiling point with Mark’s ‘The Release’.

Flying the flag for tech over his 80 minutes, Alex Di Stefano is back in the ‘Prism’. Swift to the Italian’s laser are Yves Deruyter’s ‘Clone War’ ‘Jibaro’ by Thomas Schumacher, Dyno’s ‘Koterg’ and ALUTO’s mix of Patrick Branch’s ‘Black Marsh’. From Di Stefano’s own studio, the news is equally fine, with ‘Chemistry’, ‘The Hybrid’, ‘Black Flag’, ‘Injection’ and ‘Creepy Christmas’ all arriving ahead of its halfway point. Rolling into its second half and still picking up pace, Alex gets his remix-on, reworking Chapter & Page’s ‘Revelation’ and ‘Seventh Heaven’ from Will Atkinson. From there, the net is spread wider still, with of Frankyeffe’s ‘Trust Me’, ‘Manifest’ from DJ Jordan, Carl Shorts’ ‘Like That’ and SveTec’s ‘Higher’ all raising the mercury.

Last, but by no means least is Renegade System, who’s taking on in his first major mixcomp role. Thomas Crossley’s output over the last four years has made him both one of the scene’s most visible and fastest rising stars. He qualifies that in no uncertain terms, bringing a mass of his of own material to ‘Prism 4’. Among them are the x Marty Cassidy collab, ‘Buck Wine’, as well as solo strikes like ‘Feelin’ In Demand’, ‘If You Want’, ‘On A High’ and ‘Savage’. Around that personal powder keg, he packs in floor-roaring gear like Shugz’s ‘XTC’, ‘Candyman 2023’ from Lab 4, Tasso’s ‘Alocin’ and his remix of Steve Hill & Technikal’s ‘Don’t Hesitate’.

A cannonball run of bass, beats and sonic ballistics, Mark Sherry, Alex Di Stefano & Renegade System’s ‘Outburst Records presents Prism Volume 4’ takes you to the edge on March 31. You can pre-order/save it here, from today [ ].

Disc 1 – Mixed by Mark Sherry

  1. The Space Brothers – Doors (Mark Sherry Remix) 02. Gordon Tennant – Callisto 03. Mark Sherry & Sygma – Beyond Starlight 04. Mark Sherry & Steve Dekay – Smiler 05. Freak Unique – Something For Your Mind 06. Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano – Everyone Is Looking For Us (Metta & Glyde Remix) 07. Kriess Guyte – In The Place 08. Mark Sherry – Triquetra (Peetu S Remix) 09. Mark Sherry – Total Eclipse (Freak Unique Remix) 10. Jordan Suckley & Kutski – Ecstasy Love (Gary Maguire Remix) 11. Systembreaker – Komplete Kontrol 12. Marco V – GODD (Mark Sherry Remix) 13. Gentech meets DJ Sequenza – Tricky Tricky 14. Peetu S – Mental Component 15.Mark Sherry x Dr. Willis- Here Come The Drums (Nick Slater Remix) 16. Scot Project – G2 [Good Times] 17. Mark Sherry – Sacrosanct 18. Mark Sherry meets Smith & Brown – Tambores De Carnaval 19. Sneijder & Bryan Kearney – Proper Order (Mark Sherry Remix) 20. Mark Sherry – Imbecile (Smith & Brown Remix) 21. Mark Sherry & David Forbes – Galvanizers 22. Freak Unique – One To Techno 23. Tocs – Yeah Yeah Alright (Scot Project Remix 24. Mark Sherry – The Release

Disc 2 – Mixed by Alex Di Stefano

  1. Alex Di Stefano – Chemistry 02. Yves Deruyter – Clone War 03. Thomas Schumacher – Jibaro 04. Alex Di Stefano – The Hybrid 05.Dyno – Koterg 06. Alex Di Stefano – Black Flag 07 Mike Turing, Barbuto – Zolt (Luis Miranda Remix) 08. Alex Di Stefano – Creepy Christmas 09. Patrick Branch – Black Marsh (ALUTO Remix) 10. Alex Di Stefano – Injection 11. Chapter & Page – Revelation (Alex Di Stefano Remix) 12. Damian Wasse & V.E.L.E. – Monochrome 13. Will Atkinson – Seventh Heaven (Alex Di Stefano Remix) 14. Jackob Rocksonn – Put It On Me 15. Frankyeffe – Trust Me 16.DJ Jordan – Manifest (N.O.B.A Remix) 17. Poddy Crane – Chemical Structure 18. Carl Shorts – Like That 19. Sandro Mure – No Return 20. SveTec – Higher 21. Markus Weigelt – Valkyrie

Disc 3 – Mixed by Renegade System

Project 8 – Bad Idea 02. Tasso – Alocin 03. Renegade System x Marty Cassidy – Buck Wine 04. Gary Maguire – No Problem 05. Iain M – Frequency 06. Renegade System – Feelin’ In Demand 07. Lucas Deyong & 0Gravity – Trauma 08. Lab 4 – Candyman 2023 (Nick The Kid Remix) 09. Shugz – XTC 10. The Elite – 5 Seconds To Terminate (ADM Remix) 11. RJ Van Xetten – F# Bombs 12. Ed Lynam – Glycogen 13. Renegade System – If You Want 14. Renegade System – On a High 15. Renegade System – Savage 16. Paul Clark – Crank 17. Nomad – Distorted Harmony 18. Steve Hill x Technikal – Don’t Hesitate (Renegade System Remix) 19. Andrea Montorsi – Special 20. Mindflux – Pushin’ On