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TASADI’S forthcoming album ‘THE ANCIENT REALM’ is a unique themed album in which each track that was produced corresponds to a wonder of the world or a major landmark. Tasadi has written every single track in the album with that very specific mindset. By doing this his goal was to capture the essence of each individual landmark and wonder. The use of various ethnic instruments mixed with modern musical elements were used in order to capture emotion and paint a picture that is significant in its own way. The flagship track of the album is “Seventh Kingdom” (Track 3). This track was co-produced and written with Aryas, and features vocals from Christina Novelli (Considered to be one of the top trance vocalists). “Seventh Kingdom” is OUT NOW on Lunary Records. Within the track “Seventh Kingdom” there lies a story of someone being lost in the dark. It’s all about the struggle to reach the light and their inspiring journey. One thing that Tasadi really stands against is the rampant use of drugs in the music industry. “The abuse of drugs in the music industry is one of the things that is ruining it and giving us all a bad name, We shouldn’t need drugs to experience ecstasy. My drug is the stage and my fans and that is how it should be.”

“The Ancient Realm” was recorded in Tasadi’s studio over a period of a little over a year. Tasadi has put his heart and soul into this full feature album. The time effort and heart put into each track really sets Tasadi apart from the rest.

His Journey started about 15 years ago back in high school in the late 90’s. Back then Tasadi was listening to more mainstream electronic artists such as “The Chemical Brothers”, Prodigy and a couple of others. When he bought his first underground CD called Tranceformer and popped it into his car stereo he instantly fell in love with the sound and had decided to start producing himself.

Tasadi has been working on a side project along with Aryas called CryoDistrict which is a spin on what he normally does. This particular album is more in the Chill Out music realm. He adds a nice little edge to the album that brings a unique groovy melodic feel to it.

TASADI:“I have a bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a masters in Computer Science. And recently have used the both of these + my music background to land a job at Sonivox here in Boston (under the inMusic parent brand… ie M-Audio, Akai, Numark, Alesis, Denon, etc…). My job there is to design VST’s (synths / plugins) used to produce music. It gives me a pretty in depth technical understanding all the way down to the code used to make everything happen. This + my creative / artist side is a strong combination of maybe why I make so many different styles of electronic music.“



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