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Promoted Post BannerWhen discussing influential women in the music industry, it is impossible to overlook this exceptionally talented and beautiful soul from Slovakia. One of the highest-ranked female trance DJs and producers according to IDMA is a status Nikoleta Frajkorova gained a couple of years ago. Nifra’s trademark represents a combination of hard work and radiant positive energy that she generously shares with those around her. Nifra remained steadfast in pursuing her dreams, believing that her unwavering devotion to music would guide her to where she stands today. This remarkable quality and attractive personality did not remain unnoticed by key figures, and in 2008, an extraordinary opportunity presented itself. Markus Schulz and his prestigious Coldharbour Recordings welcomed Nifra with open arms, recognizing her talent and potential.

Nifra’s music is best described as a power-driven melodic trance, characterized by a rebellious sound that she proudly emphasizes. What initially began as a track name has evolved into a monthly “Rebel Radio” show, attracting the number of followers she calls Rebels. In addition to her collaborations with Markus Schulz and performances at Coldharbour events, Nifra remains highly active on a global scale. She often participates in some of the largest and most prestigious festivals worldwide, including venues like A State of TranceDreamstateLuminosityUntoldTomorrowland, and many others.

After achieving huge success with her mix compilations “Follow Me,” featuring the hottest tracks from some of the industry’s finest artists, including her own, Nifra continues to amaze us with her homemade productions. Her latest release, “Like The Sky Is Falling,” is a collaboration with the well-known vocalist London Thor. As soon as Nifra heard the vocal demo, she was instantly filled with warmth and empowerment, confidently predicting that this summer season will be on fire. Nifra and London are confident that the lyrics and massive euphoric synths will resonate with many listeners. Don’t miss out on this incredible track by streaming it on any major music platform:

01. Nifra & London Thor – Like The Sky Is Falling (Extended Mix)
02. Nifra & London Thor – Like The Sky Is Falling (Festival Mix)

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