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Promoted Post BannerZoya Zipova is undeniably one of those artists who continually astonishes us with her musical freedom, leaving us pleasantly surprised every single time. Her creativity is contagious as she never misses a chance to amaze us with her new tracks. Witnessing an artist continuously draw inspiration in such a way is nothing short of fascinating. And when it comes to drawing inspiration, ZOYA is a true master and she sets an exemplary standard for all aspiring artists to follow. As an exceptional singer/songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and DJ, she embarks on an endless musical discovery. Exploring various genres and skillfully playing with her abilities, she has amassed a devoted fanbase that has supported her unconditionally over the years.

Lately, ZOYA has been treating audiences around the globe to her trademark progressive sound. However, this time, she took an experimental journey, allowing her mind and hands more creative freedom while working on this hit in the making.
Black Hole Recordings, known for their discerning taste, couldn’t resist the allure of this futuristic masterpiece. Recognizing the emotional depth conveyed through ZOYA’s music, they eagerly welcomed it into their extensive and illustrious portfolio, boasting 25 years of exceptional releases.

When you hit the PLAY button on “Sonic Serenity”, an enticing blend of breakbeat elements unfolds, intricately woven into a smooth and progressive production, accompanied by a slightly darker undertone. The vocals in the track will send chills down your spine, leaving you yearning for more. This audacious sound showcases ZOYA’s fearless character, and we must admit, it has already achieved remarkable success. While it might deviate from her usual style, it has undoubtedly struck a chord with listeners. As for where it fits best in a set, we can’t quite decide, whether it’s the ideal track to kickstart an event or to create a breathtaking moment after a breakdown during a grand open-air festival. One thing is certain, though – we’ll undoubtedly be treated to this energy-pumping masterpiece throughout the summer. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it yet, it’s now available on all streaming platforms:


01. ZOYA – Sonic Serenity (Original Mix)
02. ZOYA – Sonic Serenity (Extended Mix)

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