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Adele originally released “Rolling In The Deep” in 2011. But the true powers of this classic had not been captured in dance music, until now. American Dub Mafia returns with a radio and club friendly 2022 version of “Rolling In The Deep.”

About the artist:

American Dub Mafia is a mysterious electronic dance music production and DJ collective that has appeared, disappeared and reappeared in different forms since 2011’s “Occupy The World”. The original performing members of the collective were DJ Red Red (Now leading a Reincarnated American Dub Mafia), Donut Shop Boi (Now the DSB in DSB n Ike Okani) and Mashin Tha Don.

American Dub Mafia’s “Rolling In The Deep” is out now on YouTube, Spotify, and every other outlet.

Track: Rolling In The Deep
Artist: American Dub Mafia
Label: Justina’s Baby
Release Date: May 22nd , 2022.