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Few people would disagree that Miami is one of the undisputed Mecca’s of electronic dance music, and all the good things that come along with the EDM scene. Recently, Italian DJ and Producer Jacky Greco announced he’s releasing his EDM / Big Room tribute to the city and its beautiful women, the single “Miamify” on FLUO Universe. It’s already top 10 on Beatport Electro House, so we caught up with him for an interview.

Who is your favorite artist from EDM outside your own specific genre?
Jack Ü (I think that diplo and skrillex together are the perfect ballance that the EDM was looking for becoming POP for real…)

Who is your favorite DJ and could you tell us why?
…Deadmau5. Fat sound and awesome djset performance.

Which immediate family member of yours is your biggest fan?
My Son………

How do you deal with fame?
Fame… I´ll let u know if it will happen.. right now still looking for “animal class” online low budget plane tickets lol 🙂

Vegas has been described as the new Ibiza. Can you attest to that?
…the similar part is that right now when u are or in vegas on in ibiza you feel that music culture is a super important part of the local culture but the difference stays in the music genre: ibiza much more underground stuff… like tale of us, Marco Carola, Hunter/Game, Apollonia… Martinez Brothers and the master Luciano are the breath of the Islands… Vegas is the EDM Island in the desert… guys like Avicii… Mr Harris, Tiesto and all the EDM club bangers are kicking the local clubs…. so Ibiza and vegas are in some ways the “nowhere Islands of the music” but the music culture I feel is the main difference…

In which way did you set up your recording studio? Do you have pictures?
Here are the pictures 🙂
Jacky Greco studio
Jacky Greco studio

Where can people find you online?

Did you ever consider moving to another country?
…YES….. US for sure but not easy to decide where… maybe LA…. I don´t know… I´ll let u know 🙂

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?
I can Just say thaks to anyone is listening and supportig my stuff…I hope u are enjoing what I´m doing and please keep on giving me feedbacks about what I do… thank u thank u thank u




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