Psytrance Nation

Living life in a trance.


– When did you initially start producing?

I started producing in 2009. At first I was only learning and practicing, until I started releasing tracks starting 2011.

– What fascinates you about trance?

It’s hard to specify what exactly fascinates me about Trance music. I mean, everything in it has something special! When I first heard some Trance tracks, I was hooked! Everything in Trance is beautiful: the melodies, the energy, the power,…and most specially: the originality.
Every single element in Trance, evokes a part of your emotions 🙂

– Who is your favorite DJ of the genre?

There are a lot. There is no specific name. Armin van Buuren is the #1 Trance DJ with no doubt, but I also love the performance of Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Daniel Kandi and also one of my favorites is non other than Lange !– What are your plans for the coming months?

In term of releases, I have many coming soon. I have tracks coming out on Fraction Records, INSOMNIFIED/Black Hole and on the new division of Sony Music, Abstractive Music. I am also working on a remix for a big name, and on a collab with a Trance legend that is still secret at the moment 🙂

Also, upcoming months may bring some gigs in multiple countries. We’re still discussing this with a booking agency that I might sign with.

– With whom would you love to collaborate?

I have a lot of favorite producers. A collaboration with Lange is my dream collab! Also it would be awesome to collaborate with Sean Tyas, Daniel Kandi & Mark Sherry. Who knows, maybe one day soon? 🙂

– What is easier for you: remixes or original productions?

Nothing is easy when it comes to originality. Producing a track or a remix has the same process and both can be hard! Only thing is that remixes take less time since you have the original melodies, when in original productions writing cool melodies takes much time of the process.

– What’s the best dance music festival in the world in your opinion?

Tomorrowland !

– Is there anything else you would like to mention?

I would like to thank you for having me, and for the amazing support. Also I would like to thank all the fans for the continous support, and I promise for some very exciting stuff coming soon 🙂
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