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Cosmic Gate MOSAIIK Chapter Two



Promoted Post BannerBig ways to start a new season really don’t come much better than this!! Today, March 3, sees the release of the second ‘MOSAIIK’ album – the concluding Chapter of Cosmic Gate’s eleventh longplayer project. Through the albums, the GRAMMY-nominated duo have defined and presented their 2.0 sound.

Commenting on the eve of ‘Chapter Two’s release, CG’s Nic Chagall said: “Bossi and I have been on one of the biggest journeys of our career with ‘MOSAIIK’ and we’ve felt the fans with us every step of the way. Modifying our sound was something that we not only wanted to do, but also felt compelled to, so as to remain true to ourselves … Through our weekly Wake Your Mind Radio show and the WYM Sessions compilation, we started to work in deeper edged cuts several years ago. The feedback was better than we could have dreamed of and that really opened the door to ‘MOSAIIK’ and all that’s come with it. Adds, Bossi, “while music-release-wise, this is essentially the conclusion of ‘MOSAIIK’ , for Cosmic Gate, it also marks a new beginning!”

24hrs before the album dropped, CG also served ‘MOSAIIK’s final precursor single, ‘Emotions Of Colour’. Premiered during their mid-Feb, 2hr livestream from Ibiza, the track is a collaborative two-hander between the group and English singer-songwriter Gid Sedgwick. Blending strands of trance, techno, electro and deep house, with it Nic & Bossi may well have saved ‘MOSAIIK’s finest, boldest and most lyrically moodsome piece till last.

While today brings the album’s release aspects to a close, the ‘MOSAIIK’s story continues, and this part will be ‘told’ by Nic & Bossi in person! This week the pair announced Phase 1 of a far-reaching tour expansion, where they’ll bring its sonics to music lovers on all points of the clubbing compass. Looking forward to the tour, Bossi said, “we’re going to sign this album series off the best way we know how: with an unforgettable 2023 tour! Naturally, the broader stylistic range will be reflected in our sets, but this time out, with the final piece of ‘MOSAIIK’s mosaic in place, so you can experience it in its entirety!”

‘MOSAIIK’ & ‘Emotions Of Colour’ are available today and tickets for all the shows are on sale now and are available via this link. []. Full dates and details you’ll find below.

Cosmic Gate MOSAIIK Chapter Two Tour: Phase One

MAR 04                 
ASOT 1000                           Utrect, NL
MAR 10                 Ministry Of Sound                London, UK
MAR 11                 Nowy Harem                         Gdynia, PL           
MAR 23 
                La Otra                                   Miami, FL
MAR 24                 Miami Sunset Cruise           Miami, FL
MAR 25                 Beyond Wonderland           San Bernadino, CA
MAR 31            Rebel                           Toronto, ON
APR 01             Sound-Bar                    Chicago, IL
APR 21            Fat Controller                Adelaide, AU
APR 22            Dreamstate                   Melbourne, AU
APR 23            La La Land                   Brisbane, AU
APR 24            Fiction                          Canberra, AU
APR 25            Bar 1                            Perth, AU
APR 29            Ivy                                Sydney, AU
MAY 05            Stereo Live                   Houston, TX
MAY 06            Vanguard                      Orlando, FL
MAY 12            Stereo Live                   Dallas, TX
JUN 03             Mission Festival            Zurich, CH
JUN 10             The Fruit                       Durham, NC
JUN 17             Elektricity                      Pontiac, MI
JUN 24             Biggest Disco                Naas, IR
JUL 23 
            Tomorrowland               Boom, BR
JUL 28 
            Ora                              Seattle, WA
JUL 29             45 East                         Portland, OR
AUG 12            Moonrise Festival          Baltimore, ML
AUG 18            Harbor Event Centre      Vancouver, BC
AUG 24            Sky                               Salt Lake City, UT

Cosmic Gate – MOSAIIK – Chapter Two

01: Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Hear Me Out
02: Cosmic Gate & Nathan Nicholson – Follow You Anywhere
03: Cosmic Gate & Gid Sedgwick – Emotion Of Color
04: Cosmic Gate & Nathan Nicholson – Just The Beginning
05: Cosmic Gate & Andy Duguid – It’s Simple
06: Cosmic Gate – Mirador
07: Cosmic Gate & Olivia Sebastianelli – We Got The Fire
08: Cosmic Gate & Greenhaven DJs – Retrospection
09: Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Blame (Pavel Khvaleev Remix)

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