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DJ Isaac Feel So Good Remix

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Promoted Post BannerNantes-producer Creeds hits again with his boisterous pedigree of inventiveness and this time it’s in the form of an energetic interpretation of DJ Isaac’s popular hit single, ‘Feel So Good’.

Bringing a fresh and exhilarating twist to the beloved original, which released in April 2023 took the hardstyle world by storm and has since amassed
nearly 3 million streams, over 1.5 million YouTube views and even earning a coveted spot in the endshow at Defqon.1 last summer

Now, Creeds, throws his hat into the ring with a gusty remix that seamlessly journey’s his vast genre range with one single peak-time blow. Bursting with infectious energy and utilising the captivating melody to great finesse, Creeds remix bends the reality of the original track into something that promises to be a staple in the playlists of hardstyle enthusiasts for years to come.

One of the early founders of Hardstyle, DJ Isaac has been at the forefront of harder dance scene for over 20 years. Thanks to this background and his continuing efforts in the studio he has become a regular headliner at the world’s biggest dance festivals and events of which include, Electric Daisy Carnival, Defqon.1 Festival, Qlimax, and Decibel Outdoor. As well as his pioneering position as a DJ and producer, DJ Isaac also runs one of the longest and most renowned Hardstyle podcasts in the world, ‘Isaac’s Hardstyle Sessions’.

Creeds signature sound is a tapestry woven with the quintessential threads of rave culture, now re-envisioned through the vibrant lens of hard dance. His live performances are a testament to his worth as an artist, where he masterfully blends hard techno, Frenchcore, and trance to create an atmosphere suited for the grandeur of large-scale venues. Flying the flag for Hardcore France and Hardstyle France, Creeds is at the forefront of unveiling the exuberant and kaleidoscopic facets of hard dance music.

This remix is not just a testament to DJ Isaac’s enduring appeal in the hardstyle scene but also showcases the innovative spirit of Creeds. Hardstyle aficionados and music lovers alike are invited to experience this exhilarating new rendition of a modern classic.

‘DJ Isaac’s Feel So Good (Creeds Remix)’ is available now via Scantraxx.

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