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Promoted Post BannerTurning the attention on fans and industry friends, definitive dance music icon Darude presents his fifth studio album ‘Together’ in honour of you, his fellow party people. 

Landing on the Finnish DJ/Producer’s fresh label Vibing Out, the 12-track long-player is stacked with emotive rushes, rave energy and the raw power to soundtrack dancefloor memories already made and yet to come. 

The album hosts several close collaborators alongside 
Darude in the spirit of togetherness. The opening track ‘Closer Together’ features the enthralling vocal rasp of UK singer/songwriter Gid Sedgwick amidst the euphoria-surging builds, atypical extended breaks and heart-racing production that spreads feelings of unity on the dancefloor.

Fans have already gone wild for the unruly anthem ‘Outlaws,’ with Oskr and House Body, which dropped at the beginning of 2023, marking Darude’s first single in four years and the launch of label Vibing Out. Soon followed by festival heater, ‘Nobody Listens’ with Gid Sedgwick and ‘Breathe’ featuring a rare duet of vocals from Oskr and Bianca.

As the album continues to unfold, what cannot be argued is Darude’s unwavering eclecticism as a dance music producer. ‘Bells’ is a firm flex of creativity as Darude plays with organic sounds before introducing an irresistible house keys melody. Whilst tracks such as ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Endless Wave’ set the pace in the realms of uplifting melodic trance. Each track bares its own sonic identity, as limitless as the last, working together in unison to deliver a body of work destined for the dancefloor.  

With over two decades in the game, ‘Together’ as an album is a testament to Darude’s continuous evolution. However, the spotlight is on you. With deep gratitude and excitement for what’s still to come, a personal message to fans and friends from Darude himself: “If you’ve seen me on-stage, whether in real life or in videos, you’ve surely seen my ear-to-ear grin. That’s me being so incredibly grateful that I get the chance to play loud dance music that I love for YOU – my extended network of friends. I’ve always felt like I’m sharing it all with you and that the dancefloor is our happy place to celebrate life, music, and togetherness. Thank you for being TOGETHER with me for all these years.”


Darude’s new album ‘Together’ is out now on Vibing Out.

Darude – ‘Together’

Closer Together (Darude x Gid Sedgwick)

Outlaws (Darude x House Body x Oskr)

Nobody Listens (Darude x Gid Sedgwick)

Breathe (Darude x Oskr x Bianca)


In My Dreams

Alive (Are You Near Me) (Darude x Paenda)


Chasing The Light (Darude x Leah-Lou)

Fairytale (Darude x Evan Henzi)

Midnight Sun

Endless Wave


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Vibing Out is the audio and visual label founded by Finnish electronic artist Darude. A concept created with the community at its heart through a weekly live-stream show. The Vibing Out platform has since developed into a more comprehensive project with the drive to provide a creative hub for artists. Vibing Out is an electronic music label with an ambitious drive to nurture impactful new music, embracing new technologies, disrupting trends, and supporting artists honestly and transparently.