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Drake Diddy Dispute

[Tweet “Diddy realized not everything in life can be bought. “]


Today new details came out about the fist fight between Drake and Diddy.

Diddy knocked out Drake with a well placed punch as a heated argument climaxed. According to sources, Diddy became enraged when Drake refused to sell him his EDC Skybooth VIP Tickets.

The Skybooth VIP will be a new venture for EDC next year. A max of 15 VIPs will be able to join in the booth which will be carried by three cranes over the massive main stage audience. It has a premier view of the stage and the booth will gently fly over the massive crowd. An unforgettable experience which only a happy few were made aware of.

Diddy, a well known Eivissa lover and dance music fanatic was too late with confirming the tickets offered to him.

His people became aware of the purchase of such tickets by Drake.

As Diddy met up with Drake and offered an amount of 265,000 for a set of the highly exclusive tickets, Drake refused.

It must have been then that Diddy realized not everything in life can be bought.

Words were exchanged and a fight ensued.

We will provide more information as more details come in. Stay tuned.