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COMPLEXCITY, the space-themed album by East Coast favorite MEETCH had a lot of people talking and led to features on EDM SAUCEXL TRAX and BE THE RAVE. Now he is back with two brand new tracks: ‘Sumo’ and ‘Good Times’.

is a big room house cut laden with the musicality we came to know Meetch for. The chord progressions have a distinct feel to them you don’t hear much in other examples of the genre. Combine it with a minimal-feel drop that’s both effective as pleasurable melodic and we have another winner in the house.

 “I was looking for a follow up after my ComplexCity album that kinda throws people off and makes them re-listen to tracks to try and get it. I wanted something simple and catchy that people can easily get down to on the club systems. Sumo was really enjoyable to make and show my friends before the release. It’s a Free Download so I hope a lot of people will enjoy it.
On the other hand ‘Good Times’ is a ridiculous bootleg I did of a recent release track by Ella Eyre. I realized I’ve never heard a young singer so damn good and I really felt the vibe of that song. That was when I took it, messed with it, cut it up and let’s just say ‘Meetched’ it.. I think it happens to be one of my favorites yet. Classic hard electro hits and really smooth switch ups.”

The background story of youngster MEETCH is mind blowing and one of true perseverance. With hearing only left in one ear due to a tragic car accident that nearly took his life, he’s now performing all over the East coast after a remarkable recovery.


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