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Having been involved in music production since 2010 and consistently earning recognition from top labels and industry giants is a clear indication that you’re excelling at your craft. It has become a regular happening for DJ T.H. to achieve top positions on the Beatport trance charts. However, when the big boss himself, the man behind the Black Hole Recordings personally invites you to remix a legendary trance track, it’s a truly special honor that serves as a confirmation of your exceptional talent and unwavering dedication.

While considering various other tracks to remix, DJ T.H. ultimately deemed this one among the best. Interestingly enough, the original track was produced in the same year this German producer made a name for himself in the music industry. Whether it was mere coincidence or not, the vocal trance hit “Cold Winds” by Jonas Steur featuring Julie Thompson‘s mesmerizing voice was certainly one of the most memorable tracks of 2010 and beyond. Jonas stated that he produced the track as a sequel to his previous release, “Fall to Pieces,” in response to a special request from Black Hole Recordings to collaborate with Julie.

“I can’t believe we released the original track 12 years ago! I remember writing Cold Winds in my home studio on a cold winter’s day in London. Despite the changes in my life and the world, I’m thrilled that it still holds such meaning for fans. And now, it’s getting a much-needed update for 2023!” – Julie shared

DJ T.H. has led a remarkable revitalization, consistently treating us to delightful musical creations from his studio, almost every week. His unique style has earned him universal appreciation and recognition. If you’re longing for classic tracks nostalgia, you’ll have plenty of chances to savor this superb remix live and frequently throughout 2023. You can easily find DJ T.H.’s remix of “Cold Winds” on all major streaming platforms now:


01. Jonas Steur & Julie Thompson – Cold Winds (DJ T.H. Remix)
02. Jonas Steur & Julie Thompson – Cold Winds (DJ T.H. Extended Remix)

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