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Tell us more about your latest release New World

Staccato drums along with some lush keys provide heightened awareness ahead of the drop; a moody, but restrained low growler of a bass line. Plenty of layered textures throughout the A Side of ìNew World,î with crashing wave hits of cymbals, and an interspersed female chant within the main body, providing a euphoric groove for the dance floor. For the deep heads. Might be the biggest track from Ed.E to date.

Pling Plong bleeps in the beginning give way to a saw-wave lead. Another moody bass line with layers, ìSubstanceî packs more muscle than the title track, and should satisfy the Bass purists. Funky panning effects on the shaker makes this one special for the headphones crew, and not just the dance floor. An absolute compliment to the A side, this one grooves on a dirtier, but deep tip. (Press Release by Andrew Woods )

How would you describe the house/techno scene in Minneapolis?

I would describe the Minneapolis scene as a crazy place for techno the amount of speakers that these people put in when they’re throwing their techno shows is absolutely insane.


Who is your favorite artist outside your own specific genre?

Nine Inch Nails.

If you could advise upcoming producers on monitor speakers, which ones would you recommend?

I bought a set of Adam 5 inch and they’ve been just enough for me because I know if there were any more low-end it would be too much of a party and I wouldn’t get anything done.

Who has been your biggest influence when it comes to your career as an artist and why?

I think I would be mind against the ones that got me into this whole melodic techno thing

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Stop worrying about what other people think I mean not everyone’s going to like your music

How do you balance your DJ career with other obligations in your life?

Currently I have a full-time job 40 plus hours a week as a bricklayer so when I do get in the studio my time is very important on the moves that I make and if something not jiving then I move on quickly because it’s a waste of my time.

Where can people find you online?

right now the best place you can check out my music is SoundCloud but my music is also for sale pretty much anywhere beatport is a great place and Juno iTunes Spotify

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