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Promoted Post BannerOnce you embark on your journey in the music industry as an event and artist promoter, it becomes challenging to break away from it. You develop an intimate understanding of how the industry functions and how to engage with audiences. Fisherman has undoubtedly left a significant mark on the entertainment world over the past decade. With unforgettable tracks such as “Apache” and “Man vs. Machine,” he has shared his unique energy with music lovers on some of the largest stages worldwide. During the pandemic, he turned to Twitch, where he frequently performs extended sets that leave fans wanting more. But when it comes to organizing events you should not be missing these ones – Airwalk, the Netherlands-based venue, a home for not only Dutch trance music enthusiasts.

Despite having multiple engagements, Isaac has chosen to concentrate more on producing music. His highly anticipated album, “Metamorphosis,” is set to be launched soon. Last year, Isaac began unveiling the tracks from the album one by one, with three of them already available. “Enterprise,” “Playfulness” (featuring Susana), and “Passion” (with Nifra) have received overwhelming support from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz.

We are thrilled to introduce Fisherman’s fourth release, ready for an exciting listening experience. Wisdom” is a reflection on the point in life where you can feel proud and satisfied looking back on your accomplishments, ready to pass on your wisdom to the next generation. “ – this is how Fisherman describes his newest release. This blend of energizing techno beats and progressive trance rhythms is now accessible on all major streaming platforms:


01. Fisherman – Wisdom (Original Mix)

02. Fisherman – Wisdom (Extended Mix)

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