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As one of the leading DJs/producers in the global dance music scene, Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s popularity is on the rise like never before! With outstanding releases like “An Angel’s Love”, “Life Less Ordinary” or “Sunset Boulevard” and remixes/co-ops with and for artists like Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Within Temptation, Faithless, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Protoculture, Within Temptation and many more, he’s always one step ahead in quality and energetic like noone else!


What has proven more successful for your career: albums, singles or remixes?

My latest album Prime Mover was really successful, I cannot complain about that. But it’s mostly the remixes and singles that cause quite a buzz within the community. I’m really glad that most of the work I do gets a lot of attention, which is a big privilege.

If you had one piece of advice for the world’s leading promoters, what would that be?

Well, there’s only one advice: be more into the music. A lot of promoters just look at the names in the DJ Mag Top100 instead of concentrating a bit more on the main thing that is music, and its quality. Sure, you probably sell more tickets when you get Armin, Paul and the other big players, but don’t forget about the other artists who have big fan bases too, you know?

Teach us an Alex Morph-specific production trick.

hmm, there is no special “trick” I can teach you, haha. As we say in Germany: I’m also just cooking with water. No big magic really. It’s all about experience over the years, so if you keep pushing your own boundaries and challenges, you will be able to gain quality, it’s a normal process for every producer.

Would there ever come a day where trance is dead and you move on to another genre?

Right now it doesn’t look like it. Trance is not dead and it won’t be. It’s bigger than ever and it’s developing and changing constantly. Trance covers so many aspects of the electronic music in general, it always gets harder to tell what’s Trance and what’s not. From the commercial side the word Trance was damaged over years and still is. But for me the main quality edm genre is still Trance, no matter if it’s progressive, melodic, energetic, uplifting or relaxing.

DJ Promotion

When do the best ideas for tracks arise in your mind?

It depends. It’s not always the same SOmetimes it’s when I’m on tour, in the hotel, in the airplane. Sometimes it’s in the car when listening to other music or when I’m in the studio or even during a gig on stage 🙂 Creativity and new ideas unfold everywhere, at any time.

Describe a textbook Alex Morph fan.

Haha! Well, he (or she) is very faithful and knows all of my productions and remixes very well, from the first to the last second. And they are absolutely interested in what I have to say in interviews and all that. They show me a lot of respect when they talk to me or write me a message (I’m also very respectful to them). And of course they always wanna know what I’m working on and what’s up next in my carreer. I really have great and loyal fans! Nice people.

Does the number one position for Armin have a positive effect on your career as well, or doesn’t it matter at all?

Armin is a big supporter of my productions, so of course it’s always good to have him play my stuff at his radioshow and gigs. There is no other DJ that gains so much attention with his tracklists than Armin.

What do you do to actively promote your music and your career?

Of course I play lots of my tracks when I’m playing at gigs, I’m using my social media channels to promote new singles, albums and remixes, and together with my label Armada Music we’re trying to spread out the music as much as possible to get them played by the DJs and make new people aware of it and me as an artist. We’re doing a lot to push it on a further level.

Dance Music NewsIf you wouldn’t have had created a career in music, where would you be in life right now?

I might be the owner of the biggest winery in Germany, or a golf player. Who knows…? Tehehe 😉

Tell us something about your latest album and how long it took to produce.

The album contains 17 tracks and is filled with a very colourful range of electronic music. There are uplifting and powerful Trancers (both vocal and non-vocal) as well as atmospheric club tracks and others that show some more edge and transport quite an Ibiza feeling. There are even two tracks with a pop character and one really emotional ballad closing down the album. So it’s a refreshing journey from start to end, and I’m sure there’s something for everyone! Reactions are incredibly positive which I’m really happy about. So go have a listen and decide for yourself! The major production time was about 7-8 months in total. It can be quite a complex process, I can tell you.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

I can only say thank you for all the support, all the nice messages I receive about my music every day, and the faith you put in myself as a DJ and producer. And for all those who don’t yet know a lot of my stuff: go have a listen, maybe you like it too! 😉