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Promoted Post BannerIf there’s one month in dance music’s calendar that still speaks to a certain sound, it has to be jolly old June! Promise-filled, positivity-laden and with the distinct suggestion of brighter (doubtless festival-fuelled) days ahead, it’s got a vibe all of its own …

It’s also one that John O’Callaghan’s a past master at encapsulating! After his heartening spring-released ‘Pebble Beach’ (essentially a wellness retreat in musical form!), right on schedule, he’s back to deliver his finest summer-summoner to date. Catching the crest of hot season-2024, get ready to feel a bit of that ‘Devotion’.

For the release, John’s linked up with Alex Holmes, the English singer-songwriter who’s made a name for herself both inside the genre and out. Most notably, she voiced JOC labelmate Craig Connelly’s ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Anything Like You’ releases, while also duetting alongside Sean Paul on ‘Don’t Wanna Fall’ and Pitbull on ‘Ima Ima Ima’.

Anyone expecting an angsty tale of emotional heart-wrench from ‘Devotion’, well, breaking it to you gently, you’re gonna be disappointed! Those however looking for a carry-you-away, luved-up-to-the-nines, sunshine-after-the-rain type-a-tune, hey, consider yourselves fan-serviced to the max!! John tracks Alex’s tone with pulse racing bass, strings that pluck the heartstrings, pianoforte and post-break, just a fractional hint of 303 squall to see through.

Heatseeking music to goose the bumps of your goosebumps, find John O’Callaghan & Alex Holmes’s ‘Devotion’ here from today. []


01: John O’Callaghan & Alex Holmes – Devotion (Original Mix)
02: John O’Callaghan & Alex Holmes – Devotion (Extended Mix)