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Mark Sherry


Promoted Post BannerMark Sherry, a successful DJ, producer, record label boss, radio host and master designer. All those experiences were gathered and nurtured throughout his 30-year career, allowing them to thrive and grow. And what a career it is! This Scottish mastermind is one of the top names in the music industry. He is a tech-trance pioneer, recognizable by his powerful sound and energetic performances on stage. Many of you would say his positive energy, kindness and playful spirit are contagious, making his shows an absolute must-attend. Moreover, Sherry is admired for his unwavering commitment to the music scene and deep support for fellow artists who share his passion.

Highlighting Mark Sherry’s journey and diverse ventures is challenging. Whether it’s partnering with esteemed labels like Spinnin’, Armada, Black Hole Recordings, Coldharbour, etc, delivering remixes for popular tracks and artists, or overseeing his own label Outburst Records, where he mentors and promotes other talented individuals, Mark Sherry’s influence is broad. When we mention Public Domain and their iconic track “Operation Blade,” it becomes evident how this genius artist’s epic journey began and continues to unfold. His boundless creativity has left an indelible mark, ensuring no trance festival overlooks the opportunity to book him.

Mark Sherry is an expert at navigating the fine line between techno, trance and even psytrance. He continues to push the boundaries and erase distinctions between these genres. Get ready to be blown away by Mark Sherry’s fresh release, “Space People.” This impressive track hits all the right notes with its immense techno kicks, pulsating basslines, signature Sherry stabs, and an irresistible melodic riff that builds and builds, leading up to an explosive drop that will leave you craving more. Available now on all major streaming platforms, “Space People” is poised to unleash its sonic power and ignite stages around the world:


01. Mark Sherry – Space People (Original Mix)

  1. Mark Sherry – Space People (Extended Mix)

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