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After various exclusive artist spotlights on leading portals such as, Electro, DJ HARLO (Jason Harlowe) dropped his anticipated STEP UP EP on Mixed Heritage Studios/Ferrara Multimedia. The Trap minded release features STEP UP (title track), Cinemalife and Steve Rock Tribute. Inventive sound design is combined with clever sampling while retaining a peak time party vibe to the overall sound.

www.dancemusicpr.comDJ HARLO: I do enjoy the freedom & expression of spinning multiple styles. that was the fundamental role of the DJ; these days some of that seems to have gotten lost in the mix (all puns intended, ha ha). lots of folks seem to think that you have to pin yourself to “one” style. my experience from the Stage to Clubs, Electronic events to House Parties has shown me that the listeners enjoy the flexible style DJ. I’ve always had an open mind when it came to new and different sounds. The first time I first got introduced to dance music when I went to these large events in Southern California in the mid 90’s. Mainly the ones from insomniac & midnight bomber themed events where I really got into Trance and Drum & Bass type of music

The support so far from everyone is a truly humbling experience. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to have my music out there for the fans to check out. MAD RESPECT to all involved and to the amazing platforms Dance Music Northwest, Trapstyle and Electro Wow for supporting my music.

DJ Harlo was one of the first artists to introduce the electronic sound to Central Oregon back when dance music was far from popular. He pushed for the sound as hard as he could bringing it to several clubs and bars around the area, working closely with the SMS Family. Currently Harlo holds a residency at the Astro Lounge in Bend, Oregon.



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