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Earbutter dance music promotion publicist


Earbutter is a multi talented musician and extreme sports athlete living in Los Angeles California. Whether it’s rocking house music venues, Trap venues, Top 40 clubs, Tablist routines events, Drum and Bass, or Dub-step parties, Earbutter is moving the crowd with profound turntable routines, intricate lyrics and original tracks with a unique assortment of flavor from his self maintained imprint and affiliate artists and labels.

Earbutter has seen much success in his career after dropping his first dubstep release on Ultragore with WeBang “All up in that” was an instant success breaking the top 10 on beatport and getting Earbutter plenty of hype in 2014.  Up next was the “Hustlas and Customers EP” in which the GTA in real life video saw a viral output of views and shares on social media networks across the globe.  In 2015 Earbutter is set to release many major label records in the genres of House, Trap, and Dubstep with a diversified group of producers stateside and in the UK.

Earbutter developed his tablist technique around such talent as Klever, Immortal, Danny the Wildchild, Shotgun (Formerly of Goody Mobb), and various other talents in the southeast. His level of skill over time matured into a much more powerful force which led to many wins at local, regional, and national battles in the USA from the Dmc’s, guitar center, DMA magazine, He’s the only dj to win a 3rd and defending his title yet again at CLUB LAVELA dj battle “the biggest night club in the USA” Earbutter has shown his tablist skills are polished and ready for any crowd in his way.

Earbutter has toured with some of the biggest names in EDM and hiphop throughout his career and will continue to slay crowds with his signature sound.

Earbutter’s previous and future projects are currently supported by a variety of EDM talent including 12th Planet, Rednek, 6blocc, Nerd Rage, We Bang, Mayhem,  MRK1 / Lokate, Tim Ismag, Zardonic, Sluggo, Son of kick, Future Prophecies, Raiden and many more talented artists from around the world.

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