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Living life in a trance.

F-14 is the subjective space child of Joseph Borg (Hibernate, Les Grooves, Angry Muffin, Borganism), and is a creatively free project unconstrained by the genre protocols of electronic music. After ‘Leaving Earth‘ one may experience otherworldly sensations as well as profound, psychological introspection. An exploration of worlds both far away and deep within, the work attempts to erase illusions of space, time, and otherness.

f-14 alpha milk hibernate leaving earth

An awakening experience for most, the music of F-14 may cause uncontrollable psyche shifts in certain individuals, and is thus not recommended for any persons under the influence of narcotics.


Chill Out
F-14 – Leaving Space (Original Mix)
F-14 – Missing Worlds (Original Mix)
F-14 – Modes of Concurrence (Original Mix)
F-14 – Tiny Castles (Original Mix)
F-14 – Lost Blues (Original Mix)
F-14 feat. Eliza Moore – Lost Again (Original Mix)
F-14 – Inner Galaxies (Original Mix)
F-14 feat. Victoria Gydov – Spaceguitars (Original Mix)
F-14 – Hidden Junctions (Original Mix)
F-14 – Storms (Original Mix)
Funk / Soul
F-14 – Dreams of the Moon (Original Mix)
Indie Dance / Nu Disco
F-14 – United Victims of America (Original Mix)
Sound Tracks
F-14 – Glory Theme (Original Mix)
F-14 – Transitory Dispositions (Original Mix)


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