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New York native, Switzerland based DJ/Producer Sean Tyas is something of a leading light in European trance. Currently ranked #93 in DJ Magazine”s Top 100 DJ Poll 2012, he was also earmarked by BBC Radio 1″s Pete Tong as a “buzzword in trance circles” head of his debut Essential Mix for the station back in February 2009 and hooked by industry power house Beatport has a “One to watch.”

DJ PromotionIt was in 2006 that Sean Tyas first started to make waves in the trance scene, winning the much hyped Spinnin’ Records remix competition for his rework of Sander van Doorn ‘Punk’d’, and next signed to the Discover label. His first solo release for the label didn’t disappoint either, with the energetic and euphoric ‘Lift’ being one of the biggest releases of 2006 and awarded Single Of The Week on Armin’s A State Of Trance show as well as getting signed onto countless best selling compilations. Give a warm welcome to SEAN TYAS!

Where does your everlasting energy come from?

Haha! No idea. I’m a pretty upbeat and happy guy!

You are known for your pounding energetic trance sound, but still it is not exactly hard trance. Ever had the urge to experiment with a slightly harder sound like for instance the older Tracid Traxxx releases?

Never. They didn’t age well very well did they? Honestly most of that stuff sounds like shit these days. In the last 5 years, production techniques have come so far.

Dance Music NewsYou are a stronghold in the DJ Mag Top 100. Do you feel the competition got stronger this year?

I guess? See I really don’t put much faith in the poll… Not when I see the names that have ghost writers in the top 100, because really now, this poll is now a production poll, not a DJ poll. You have James Zabiela, one of the world’s BEST DJs, at spot 123, lower than me. That’s wild…

What measures do you take to actively promote yourself, your releases and your career?

I just do my weekly show and keep things simple. I think this new business/industry model with the social media focus is actually pretty bad for the music itself.



Success doesn’t last forever, especially for an artist. What do you do to save up for the future?

Don’t know. Pretty scary I think! 🙂 We don’t have pension plans and we damn well don’t make any money from sales of music. Though I have some ideas that are far more preferable than the rat race that exists right now… We shall see.

Hiphop has had turntablism culture for many years. Do you feel EDM DJs should become a bit more creative with mixing on average?

Sure, why not? Could be a lot of fun! Look at the concept of mashups, it IS that, just done by people that need a sequencer to lock the two tracks perfectly.

Have you ever hurt yourself badly while DJing?

The standard slip on wet floor bit a few times. Nothing more than sprained ankles and face cuts. I’m clumsy by nature anyway.

In which city can we find your biggest fans?

In New York or Buenos Aires.

Drugs – yes or no? If yes, what is the best stuff?

What are drugs?

If you had to choose between a shitty party to play at with massive pay, or a superb party with no pay, which one would you pick? And give an example.

Now that really depends, I think I’d need even more details! See I am ALWAYS focused more on the studio side of things, so to think I can play this one gig and fund a new machine or synth or more, I’d take the shitty gig, take the money, and immediately put that into the studio! Sorry, my real love is THERE.

Dance Music BlogShare a production trick that is unique to you as an artist.

I sidechain pretty much everything. I can have 80+ channels and still have a sidechain compressor on everything.



Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Sure, forget genres. Forget what your friends tell you is hot. Decide for yourself. See through the hype, the media and the bullshit.