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Release Date: 28th April 2023

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Promoted Post BannerYou,’ is the fascinating and captivating latest single from the genius mind of unprecedented producer Imaro M. The track itself flaunts all the essential elements of what makes a perfect EDM Dance anthem; grooving, pulsing bass line paired with a pumping, sub drenched kick, overlapping synths playing harmoniously complimentary melodies and that iconic vocoder, chopped vocal sound reminiscent of late 2000s electro funk. The single was in the works for a strikingly long time, with Imaro testing out differing soundscapes and instrumental choices without any version truly resonating with the song he was intending. After experimenting with funky guitars, wob bass, differing tempos and vocoder, Imaro’s Daft Punk inspired came to a halt and he stumbled across his own unique theme – the idea of ‘You.’ With this new incredible version, Imaro brought in some refreshingly new sounds & ideals which gave the track a whole new level of comprehension; utilising diversified voices, you can hear these so called ‘characters,’ in the track undergo an iteration of ‘call and response,’ which integrated a thrilling narrative into this enthralling Dance track. Despite ‘You,’ being conceived in a somewhat ‘difficult’ period for Imaro, the track provokingly contrasts this feeling with its up-tempo danceability which creates an extremely interesting listen – an unmissable single for any EDM fan.

Hailing from the thriving hub of the Caribbean is the masterfully talented blind DJ and producer Imaro M – despite his challenging disability, Imaro is an astonishing inspiration who’s ailment has never held him back from succeeding in whichever creative avenue he chooses to pursue. Since his childhood, Imaro has been enthralled by the ‘music of the islands,’ and, after losing his sight, he moved to the world’s cultural capital in Paris; it was here in France that he discovered the wonder of international ‘popular music.’ Imaro truly immersed himself in the music culture and took lessons in classical/jazz piano as well as learning drums, music theory and harmony which led him to obtain an impressive bachelorette with an honors diploma at the end of study at the Conservatory in Jazz piano & drums. In addition to this incredible accolade, Imaro was rewarded by LES TALENTS DE L’OUTRE-MER back in 2005 and achieved a state diploma as an acoustic piano tuner/repairer. After practicing his profession for a distinct number of years and participating in several bands as a piano and drummer, Imaro truly honed his skills when he uncovered the magic of composition, arrangement and writing. ‘Influenced by a wide variety of musical genres, I hope to share my musical universe with you and bring you good vibes.’ Imaro M is an inspiring creative force to be reckoned with who has garnered a deserved reputation as one of the most promising emerging acts in this modern music scene.

Influences: Daft Punk, Mozart, Martin Garryx, Petit Biscuit, Stromae

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