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Promoted Post BannerFollowing on from a successful, back to back release of four 2023 EPs, producer Pixelanddigital is back again with his fifth release of the year – the enthralling EP entitled ‘Lunar Loop.’ This new EP in Pixelanddigital’s expansive discography strengthens it with a fresh ideal of ‘trying something new’ and Pixel’s curiosity about the unknown; the enchanting soundscapes throughout reflect this and leave the listener lost amongst interwoven timbres and dense cacophonies of sound  – certainly not one to miss out on for any Electronic music fan.

is a captivating electronic music producer driven by the, ‘pulsating heartbeat of the digital music landscape.’  As a youngster, Pixelanddigital was predominantly influenced by the groundbreaking works of Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, and Daft Punk who shaped his musical palette and allowed him to discover his now unyielding passion for music – it was an enthralling musical journey that led to the discovery of his own distinct style. Pixelanddigital’s expansive discography can be best described as a fusion of various sub-genres, ranging from ambient to techno, dubstep to IDM. Enamored by intricate rhythms, ground-shaking bass, and ethereal synth lines, Pixelanddigital skillfully weaves these elements together, creating a sonic experience that truly enticed the listener Believing in the profound impact of electronic music, Pixelanddigital aspires to be the ‘guiding force on a sonic spaceship,’ transporting listeners to different dimensions through his artistry. With a dedication to crafting beautifully chaotic mixes of beeps, boops, and beats, Pixelanddigital continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, leaving his indelible mark on the genre.

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