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Promoted Post BannerComing from the ingenious mind of prolific producer and DJ Golalbex is this fascinating, 21-track journey through a dense, Electronic soundscape entitled ‘Great Beginning.’ After 13 years of performing live and a short gig drought, Golabex is back with a bang straight from the studio where he has been carefully curating his expansive track list to particularly select what he believes to be his most impressive tracks. Despite having 65 tracks to choose from, it was only a handful that made the cut for ‘Great Beginning,’ which shows Golabex’s successfully perfectionist nature.

Each track utilises the essential elements of Electronic music; arpeggiated synths, incessantly danceable and percussive drum grooves, melodically complimentary keyboards and even electric guitar on tracks such as ‘I Come from Sublice.’ With an average track length of 8 and a half minutes, ‘Great Beginning,’ will immerse you in the most unique 3 hour experience – a true Techno escape from reality. Tracks such as ‘Asking God,’ and ‘Fight for Your Right,’ provide the listener with their fair share of pumping club anthems, whereas ‘I Like it When You Dance,’ and, ‘Journey to The Stage,’ offer a much more atmospheric and ethereal experience. Cumulatively, ‘Great Beginnings,‘ is an essential listen for any Electronic music fan and offers an idyllic musical expedition certain to not miss out on.

Golabex is a multifaceted creative force to be reckoned with who has been enthralled by the music industry since childhood – it was 14 years ago since his first live performance as a DJ in front of a live audience and the rest is history. For many years, Golabex’s forte resided in ordinary discos where he mixed commercial hits into reimagined remixes which is where he garnered his reputation for House remixes. Starting off his DJing skill set by mixing Trance with Electro music, Golabex now mainly specializes in Melodic-House, Progressive, Melodic-Techno, Minimal, Indie and Nu-Disco and is continually broadening his musical horizons and expanding his sound into a broad spectrum of new genres. His sound isn’t refined by the limiting title of genre and is best described as ‘experimental,’ plucking elements from a range of the aforementioned musical vicinities. A key moment in Golabex’s prolific career was back in 2010 where he had a self described ‘collision with the truth,’ – after half a year of playing music with a mouse and keyboard on ‘Virtual DJ,’ Golabex ingeniously tried CDJ-200 for the first time which was an epiphanizing experience and made a huge difference to his perspective on the art of DJing.



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