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Lucy Blueborn releases an EP that offers fantastic songs embedded within very well produced electronic tracks. The vocals have a unique touch to them. It’s a bit dreamy, but perfectly fitting with the groove.

There are a lot of interesting twists and turns within the EP. Original instrumentation. Fat breaks, and captivating basslines.

All three tracks are equally strong. No fillers here. Do yourself a favor and listen to all three songs of the EP. We guarantee: you won’t be disappointed if you are a fan of electronic music.

 is a virtual artist created by music producer Erik Bruene who, after delving into a broad spectrum of roles within the Hip – Hop and Techno industry as a producer/sound technician/rapper, decided to explore an overtly sparse genre of music – Electronica combined with AI vocals. ‘I actually find it much easier to be more personal when I do not have to sing myself’, says Erik, and this can be seen in the music he has produced through Lucy. Despite this being Erik’s first release after working with artists such as ‘Cam N A-lee’, ‘Karpe Diem’, ‘Pumba’, and ‘Spira’, in Norway following the establishment of his first record label ‘Rough Rhythm’ in 2004, his hard work and experience in the music industry is perfectly reflected in Lucy’s first EP – ‘A Moment to Forever Silence’.

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