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Two brilliant minds originating from Scotland, Mark Sherry and David Forbes, have been touring together and fostering their friendship for approximately three decades. They’re on a continuous mission to transfer their knowledge and creative skills into blast projects. Known as tech-trance pioneers, they’ve made a big impact on music as DJs, producers, and label owners. Their names resonate with respect and admiration among the most accomplished figures in the industry. Beyond their professional achievements, what truly characterizes these two is their infectious energy, kindness, and playful spirit.

Mark and David have teamed up numerous times, which isn’t surprising given their shared passion for a wide range of tech-trance styles in production and sound design. They both remain devoted to a high tempo, harder, and somewhat intense sound by infusing it both in their studio work and behind the decks. And yes, Sherry and Forbes make a triumphant return to Outburst label, kicking off 2024 with yet another massive banger release.

Put The Record On is the title of this techno trance powerhouse track, paying tribute this way to all of the turntablist vinyl DJs back in the day. It’s a bold, festival-sized anthem with MC vocals, live crowds, and a rave horn. If you haven’t experienced the festival vibe yet, be sure to give it a listen before you join all those gigs where both Mark and David are frequent performers. “Put The Record On” is available now on all major streaming platforms:



01. Mark Sherry & David Forbes – Put The Record On (Original Mix)
02. Mark Sherry & David Forbes – Put The Record On (Extended Mix)

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