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Mysterious, mesmerizing, and full party throttle

We’ve watched Vorhxz blow up since his first release on R3GMA records. The “Smiles” EP  is a testimony to his journey up the ranks of the EDM world and his diversity as an artist. This album has simply feel good tracks that swing between classic Bass and range from Dubstep, Future Bass, and a little pinch of chill as well. Mysterious, mesmerizing, and full party throttle. “Smiles” hits hard with impressive drops and heavy drums that takes this EP into greater planes.

R3GMA, the record label and lifestyle brand with headquarters in Mexico City and Los Angeles, originally started as a rebellious artist’s collective. Fast forward a few years, it has quickly grown into a successful entertainment company at the forefront of the EDM wave in Mexico and Latin America. Leading this band (group) of rebel musicians are Mikeldi and Lion a.k.a BUZZWAK. The label’s mission is to defy genres with a roster full of national and international heavyweights such as Culprate, Access Denied, ill-Esha, Hirshee, Ninja Kore, Nanoo, Standard & Push, Silverfox, Beatman & Ludmilla, among many more.

As a result of their hard work and everlasting dedication to music, R3GMA’s catalog has now reached close to 40 releases and counting including several chart toppers and artists that have made their way to play some of the world’s biggest festivals.



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