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DJ Shaan


Promoted Post BannerThis young talented soul has already gained huge appreciation around the globe. From the moment DJ Shaan took the stage at the Sunburn festival in Goa at the tender age of 15, it was clear that he possessed an extraordinary talent that would take him far. His impressive performances quickly gained him a legion of devoted fans, both at live events and on social media. The fact that he was the leading pioneer in Indian dance music led to some of the major labels taking huge interest in him. His record deal with Armada Music and performances at iconic events such as Tomorrowland and Ministry of Sound were just the start of his wild adventure. Shaan’s remixes for Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson were smashing successes, generating 1.5 million streams at the time.

DJ Shaan’s introduction to the major label music industry was elegant, with his signing to Virgin EMI and Republic Records. He also released several singles for these labels. His remix of AKON‘s “Bananza” propelled him to the stratosphere as the most streamed official remix, currently boasting 8.2 million streams on Spotify. Shaan is known for his ability to get the crowd going and has been producing dance electro-pop for years. However, he has now decided to experiment with a slightly different beat. The Tell You Something record label welcomes this new sound from the talented artist.

Shaan revealed that “Giants” came from deep within him. He stumbled upon the vocals of ADN Lewis during a tough time in his life, and found the lyrics empowering and uplifting. The line “but my heart is one that all the lions fear” particularly resonated with him. The track centers around shedding old patterns and embracing new beginnings, represented by the concept of “giants”. To reflect this theme, Shaan incorporated uplifting sounds and melodies and even drew inspiration from traditional Indian music. This included the percussion from a stick dance in northeast India. “Giants” is now available on all major streaming platforms:


01. DJ Shaan featuring ADN Lewis – Giants (Original Mix)
02. DJ Shaan featuring ADN Lewis – Giants (Extended Remix)

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