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Black Hole 1382-0

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Promoted Post BannerRussell Barker, Richard Cornish, Sara Lones, and Nigel Palmer, are exemplary musicians who have thrived in the music industry for almost four decades. Their extensive experience has endowed them with a deep understanding of music evolution, making them the perfect storytellers of their remarkable journey. Hailing from the UK, TasteXperience has made significant contributions as recording artists, musicians, and producers. From the illustrious mega clubs of Ibiza to the pulsating dance floors of Liverpool’s Cream, TasteXperience has consistently captivated audiences worldwide with their numerous albums, singles, and EPs.

Among their vast discography, three standout tracks have left an indelible impact: “
Summersault” (originally released on Manifesto), “Highlander,” and “Tantrix.” These irresistible tunes have ignited across the globe and received resounding support from superstar DJs such as Tiësto, Paul Oakenfold, and Nick Warren.

TasteXperience’s musical style always resided at the intersection of trance and progressive house, an outcome of the members’ diverse and distinct sonic preferences. In the past year, Black Hole has released TasteXperience’s highly acclaimed Beachcomber EP and album series. This collection features an array of exciting collaborations and remixes from notable artists including Johan Gielen, Zoya, Madwave, Driftmoon, Francesco Sambero, Yöurr, Brian Flinn and Dylhen. The music showcased in these releases has garnered significant support from renowned names in the industry, including Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Solarstone, Paul Van Dyk, Aly & Fila, and Andrew Rayel, among others.

In 2023, TasteXperience embarked on a focused musical journey, dedicating themselves to production and scheduled gigs. Their latest release, a collaboration with Madwave is an exceptional and pure vocal trance treasure. This enchanting track carries an uplifting and dreamy vibe, offering a hopeful and soul-nourishing experience for the listener. Given the artists’ deep connection to their children, it’s no surprise that they named the track “Child’s Eyes,” reflecting the emotions and love they feel. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of this release, available now on all streaming platforms:


01. Madwave & Tastexperience – Child’s Eyes (Original Mix)
02. Madwave & Tastexperience – Child’s Eyes (Sherpa Remix)
03. Madwave & Tastexperience – Child’s Eyes (Chillout Mix)
04. Madwave & Tastexperience – Child’s Eyes (Extended Mix)
05. Madwave & Tastexperience – Child’s Eyes (Sherpa Extended Remix)

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