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Pavel Khvaleev, also known as PARAFRAME, is a true mastermind who seamlessly combines the roles of a writer, director, producer, composer, and DJ. This unique combination may seem challenging to many, but for Pavel, it is the ideal way to express his creative spirit. To this day he has continuously delivered some of the most fascinating, insightful, and daring fusions of audio and video in the realm of electronic music. Some of you may already know his latest albums, Inhale & Exhale, and his mesmerizing live performance featuring collaborative singers brought to life as holograms on stage. In recent years, his tracks have achieved numerous #1 positions on Beatport, illustrating his ability to satisfy both casual listeners and dedicated dancefloor enthusiasts without compromising his artistic vision.

Pavel’s alias PARAFRAME is driven by art and sound. Pavel says each sound carries its own unique image and spectrum. He transforms imaginative ideas into reality, both visually and sonically. By combining music with customized visual frames, he creates an immersive experience that transports your senses to a subconscious realm.

Solid Breaker” marks the debut single of my latest project, “Metropolis,” a collaborative effort with my talented friends from England, Jess and Conor (Denton Thrift). The timeless essence of the classic film “Metropolis” greatly influenced the melody and overall mood of the track. I wrote the instrumental demo fairly quickly and sent it to the guys right away, as their beautiful voices were already on that track in my mind. As soon as the single was completed, I realized that I wanted to make a whole album with the atmosphere of “Metropolis” and started to think about the visuals that would fit perfectly with the sounds of the following singles, wrapped in cinematic storytelling.” – Pavel shared

The biggest names in the industry have already supported this project and we cannot wait to see what else Pavel is preparing in his creative lab. Keep your senses primed for the highly anticipated release of “Metropolis” album and follow PARAFRAME for the latest updates. Don’t miss out on “Solid Breaker,” a meeting point of groovy progressive and melodic techno sound, available now on all streaming platforms: 


01. PARAFRAME & Denton Thrift – Solid Breaker (Original Mix)
02. PARAFRAME & Denton Thrift – Solid Breaker (Extended Mix)

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