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Roger Shah

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Promoted Post BannerHailing from Germany, this electronic music producer and DJ has earned recognition for his impactful presence across a spectrum of electronic music genres. All these years he has been delivering pure trance, progressive house, and chill-out styles. Sunlounger, Black Pearl, High Noon at Salinas, Global Experience, Savannah, DJ Shah, under any alias, every track he releases radiates a mesmerizing Balearic enchantment, showcasing his mastery in the art of music.

Producing under the alias Sunlounger, Shah has birthed a series of tracks that have earned legendary status – think “White Sand,” “Lost,” and “Another Day on the Terrace” – absolute masterpieces and classics that resonate deeply with devoted music enthusiasts. Considered as one of the leading figures in the trance and progressive house scenes his music has been featured on various compilations, radio shows, and DJ sets spanning the entire globe. Wireless keyboard and a perfectly prepared collection of his own creations, his live performances, teeming with audience interaction, have introduced an entirely fresh dimension to venues, arenas, and festivals across the world. Roger Shah is also known for his radio broadcast and compilation series titled “Magic Island – Music For Balearic People”, a blend of melodic and uplifting vibes, frequently drawing inspiration from the serene ambiance of the White Island.

This latest offering from Roger Shah stems from his recent album, “
Tribute to Earth,” which debuted a couple of months back. As Roger explained the intention behind this track was to amplify awareness and focus on our oceans and their marvelous inhabitants—a delicate realm beneath the waves. This is why the talented vocalist and lyricist, Ambedo, articulates from the perspective of a dolphin.

Oceans” is a forward-thinking trance composition, skillfully woven with sounds and synthesizers that evoke visions of an enchanting underwater realm. An impactful culmination by gated synth bursts shapes a track that’s both unforgettable and distinctively reminiscent of Magic Island’s feel. Prepare yourself to dive into the beauty of deep waters by listening to “Oceans” available now on all streaming platforms:


01. Roger Shah – Oceans (Original Mix)
02. Roger Shah – Oceans (Sunlounger Instrumental Downtempo Mix)
03. Roger Shah – Oceans (Extended Mix)
04. Roger Shah – Oceans (Instrumental Mix)

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