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Sonible smart:EQ 3
Sonible smart:EQ 3

Sonible just released version 3 of its acclaimed smart:EQ plugin.

We already loved version two, but this new one is a real game changer. Whereas previously, you would set EQ settings per track, now the plugin let’s you mix up to six tracks automatically.

You tell the plugin what types of source material you are working with, and you layer the different parts in order of importance.

Then at the push of a button, smart:EQ 3 will apply the perfect EQ settings for each track and balance them out between each other. After that, you are still able to tweak to taste every possible setting you can think of.

If you already own a previous version, for a limited time, you can get a deal on the upgrade.


High-resolution Precision at the Push of a Button

Achieve spectral balance with smart:EQ 3 within seconds – whether you are working on a single track or a mix. The AI-powered equalizer will clean up unpleasant resonances and unwanted notches, leaving you with a well-balanced sound – and therefore an ideal basis to take further creative steps.

Spectral Mixing via Drag & Drop

Intelligent cross-channel processing will aid you in your quest to create a transparent arrangement of up to six channels in which each track plays exactly the role you want it to. By analyzing the spectral information of all the channels you’ve added to your group, the algorithms make sure that each track gets its assigned space within your mix. You just have to determine the sonic hierarchy according to your vision. It’s as simple as that.

Newly Designed Profiles and a Splittable smart:filter

Adapt the impact of the A.I. powered processing of smart:EQ 3 to your liking: In EQ view, you can select the frequency ranges which should be affected, change the shape of the green weighting curve of the computed smart:filter and define the duration of the learning process. In group view, you can control the level of impact the intelligent cross-channel processing has on your tracks.

You can have it all: Enjoy the incredible abilities of the smart algorithms and stay in control.

Filter Widgets, Spectral Mixing via Drag & Drop, Multi-Channel Analyzer

Sonible have designed smart:EQ 3’s intuitive, sleek interface and user-centred features to make every move count: Tweak your audio material efficiently by utilizing the filter widgets, create a sonic hierarchy by dragging and dropping your tracks in group view, and choose which tracks of your mix you want to monitor simultaneously with the comprehensive analyzer. And there is so much more – explore all that smart:EQ 3 has to offer.

Get Sonible smart:EQ 3 Here.

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