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Tom Cloud returns to Black Hole Recordings with a melodic techno jam

Listen to the release here:

Promoted Post BannerIn 2006, Tom Cloud debuted with “Told You So,” featured on Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise compilation, reaching #1 on the Beatport Trance Charts. It has remained a classic for 17 years and is still played worldwide. In 2007, three of his tracks, including “Mercury Room,” topped Beatport. Tiesto’s request for a remix of “Sweet Things” further solidified Cloud’s success, making him a sought-after remixer. His prominence expanded to major events like “Trance Energy”, Nature One and Love Parade and some of the best clubs worldwide. In 2010, he released “A New Day” album, and in 2012, he released “The Sky Is The Limit“, an album that showcased diversity.

Today, Tom Cloud is back with “Silence,” a melodic techno track that highlights his unique raw, deep, and hypnotic sound. The song takes you through dark vibes, with a strong bassline and alluring melody. There’s a beautiful breakdown with a haunting vocal and lovely piano, building up to an exciting finish with a powerful punch.

Tom shared that “Silence” holds special significance for him as it marks the beginning of his new musical direction. While it’s not a complete departure from his previous work, there’s an evident shift towards a deeper and darker tone, yet retaining the energy that has always defined his music. “This track reflects the sound I enjoy listening to and performing. I’m eagerly anticipating the feedback and looking forward to its release.” Rest assured you will appreciate Tom’s return, available now on all streaming platforms for you to enjoy:

Tom Cloud returns to Black Hole Recordings with a melodic techno jam

01. Tom Cloud – Silence (Original Mix)
02. Tom Cloud – Silence (Extended Mix)

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