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Zoya Gravity Release Black Hole Recordings 2023

Listen to the release here:

Promoted Post BannerIf you keep wondering how one artist consistently delivers so many brilliant products the answer may not always be straightforward. However, one thing we can assure you of is that this exceptionally talented artist never disappoints her followers. The support from industry giants continues to grow as you read this article.

It’s fascinating how, when ZOYA chose to lower her BPM, everything began moving at a quicker pace for her – quite an irony, isn’t it? One day, she surprises us with a touch of progressive sound, while the next day, we experience a stronger influence of melodic techno. On the third day, she adds a dash of breakbeat flavor for an extra twist. This is a prime example of breaking free from the comfort zone, spreading artistic wings, and pushing the boundaries of musical possibilities. Most fascinating is that every single track she releases is perfectly crafted, suitable for both club and festival settings, as well as the backdrop of a car ride home or a relaxing day at the beach.


You’re familiar with that force responsible for keeping planets in their orbits around the Sun, the Moon circling the Earth, and objects firmly grounded on Earth, aren’t you? That is what is called gravity. And this is ZOYA’s secret to keeping her devoted followers deeply in love with her music. Could this be the inspiration behind her latest release, titled “
Gravity“? There has to be a connection. Setting humor aside, this progressive gem has already gained the support of major labels, including FSOE. Calm notes filled with creativity are perfect for venturing into the winter that is just around the corner. Take a minute and let yourself be affected by “Gravity”, available on all streaming platforms now:

Zoya Gravity


01. ZOYA – Gravity (Original Mix)
02. ZOYA – Gravity (Extended Mix)


If you are in India this November, make sure you catch ZOYA:

24 Nov – Artistry, Goa

25 Nov – Lord of Drinks, Hyderabad

26 Nov – Delhi

Learn more about
ZOYA below:




Black Hole Recordings