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After much anticipation, CHĀNJE finally releases what’s to be one of 2021’s biggest hits, Passenger.

CHĀNJE has been around music since he can remember, his mother was the lead singer for the local church where he would embellish in the loving tone of her voice. He was never a one genre type of person and always loved the chance to hear a new song from new artists or genres. He started listening to Pac & Biggie with his brothers as they would occasionally start bumping it around the house.

CHĀNJE never shied away from the big stage and loves writing real, authentic, and genuine lyrics that cover topics related to his own personal life. Trials and tribulations are media-washed today as marketing strategies to incentivize people to listen to a song or an album. Change isn’t here to harp on tough times and how much he’s been through but to provide a road-map, a positive way to deal, and life lessons that provided him the tools to come back to the music industry an entirely different person.

Drawing from his collection of experiences amidst many different layers of spiritual reinvention over the past 12 months, CHĀNJE’s desire to creatively engage the minds, hearts, and souls of others continues to burn bright. This time around, CHĀNJE felt it was only right he dropped a single that would fill listeners with that same love, that would make some of the best of us dance, and most of all a hit which we can never be forgotten.

CHĀNJE: “’Passenger’ is a feel good Afrobeats record about love and heartbreak. The inspiration for the song came from a personal romantic relationship that forced me to explore my raw emotions of anxiety, confusion, pain, and hurt. The woman I was in love with took me on a ride that had my head spinning.
Despite all this, I was still madly in love with her.

“Passenger” plays on a unique sound with a twist. I joined forces with Freaktaste (producer), on a day that I was deep in my feelings. I started to sing a melody, Freaktaste added a touch of vibes and Partyateleven took it up a notch with his feature – magic then was created.”